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MAIMED! The Shooter and the Ripper

Tales From the Mat
MAIMED! The Shooter and the Ripper

In the premiere episode of Tales From the Mat, we view gatekeeping through the lens of a 1930s horror story of wrestling-gone-wrong. We will examine the truth behind the urban legend of Lou Thesz's trainer, George Tragos, injuring a young opponent so severely that his arm needed to be amputated.

This audio docudrama features interviews with Gerald Brisco, Dr. Tom Prichard, LuFisto, and Bill Tragos, alongside guest performances by A Very Good Professional Wrestler (formerly known as Dasher Hatfield), Anthony Greene, Aristidis Marousas, Ava Everett, Blake Chadwick, Masha Slamovich, Phil Stamper, Rich Palladino, Royce Isaacs, Saleema Smith, Sidney Bakabella, and “Top Shelf” Troy Nelson.

You can read detailed notes on the careers of George Tragos and Sam Carter here, courtesy of Jimmy Wheeler and the Professional Wrestling Historical Society.

Tales From the Mat (@FromTheMatTales) is curated by Kris Levin (@RefKrisLevin) and produced by Sam Fritz (@AbstractFritz).


Table of Contents

Introduction (0:00 - 10:04)

Chapter 1: The Ripper (11:05 - 25:55)

A biography of George Tragos.

Chapter 2: The Shooter (27:47 - 33:21)

A biography of the victims.

Chapter 3: The Maiming (34:46 - 1:02:10)

A factual account of the alleged maiming.

Chapter 4: Keepers of the Gate (1:03:22 - 1:59:03)

Conservations about gatekeeping in professional wrestling with Gerald Brisco, Dr. Tom Prichard, and LuFisto.